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  • Ebooks with Sales and Squeeze Pages
  • Confidence in the Information You Publish

July 2nd, 2018

My name is Gail Trahd and I was a registered nurse and advanced practice nurse (nurse practitioner) for over 20 years.

I wanted to stay home with my children, so I began an internet marketing career in health and wellness. I was relying on my years of medical education and experience.

Before long I discovered that to make any money in the weight loss | health & wellness niche, I would need to find or create ebooks, websites, graphics and other related products.

In the beginning...I was doing all the writing 'for' myself and 'by' myself.

It was EXHAUSTING . . .

As the work load grew, friends said I should buy private label rights (PLR) content to supplement the growth in my business.

Knowing the quality of information my readers wanted, I hesitated at first. Then I tried it. . . I was totally disappointed with the quality of PLR that was available . . . I couldn't find anyone who could produce what I was looking for.

What I did discover however, was that there was a healthy market of frustrated buyers, just like me. . . looking for better quality private label rights content for their website visitors.

That's when I realized I was the solution to the problem.

And the rest as they say, is history.

**Use The Content In Your Blogs, Websites, Ezines, Offline Newsletters,
for Offline Clients, Special Reports, Social Sites, Videos, Podcasts,
Books Or Combine The Articles For Your Own Membership Sites...

Yes, the weight loss | health & wellness niche is MASSIVE.

Before I show you some of the demand that's driving impressive sales, let me say that the biggest problem is not finding interested buyers, but rather finding enough quality content to keep those customers satisfied with solutions to their problems.

There are lots of PLR sites and some have some pretty good writers too . . . But what I bring to the table is a steady stream of quality health and wellness articles that are referenced back to medical journals and research articles to support the content.

I won't make any promises about your success because I don't know you. But I can promise you that the health and wellness market is not shrinking. In fact, it is growing each year! As the population grows and healthcare costs continue to rise, more people are now interested in NOT ONLY getting rid of problems, but also taking care of their health.


Let's Take a Look at the Demand . . . 

´╗┐In one search engine which gets approximately 60% of searches, you will find large numbers of people searching for help, products and services in any given month . . .



Consider these statistics from the acclaimed Pew Internet and American Life Project . . .

If you take a moment to evaluate this data you will realize that the numbers have only been growing in the past 10 years, and they continue to grow. And while the percentage of people viewing and searching has grown - so has the population.

When you use those percentages against just the American population today, it means that 8 million adults are looking online for quality health related content. . . . .

Okay, There's A Massive Market Of Highly
Motivated Customers. . . But Do I Really Need This Content. . .

Great question .. . and in fact, you don't. . . 

If you . . .

. . . are a medical professional AND

. . . want to spend countless hours creating accurate, researched and referenced medical content,
you do not need to read any further.

And, even if you do all that. . . there will still be less time to run your business.

The health & wellness niche is growing . . . especially with the deficiencies in the American health system. . .

When people get sick or injured, many go online for answers and information before they do anything else.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project calls this: "I don't know, but I can try to find out" mentality - or the default setting for people who have health related questions.


What Are Your Challenges?

Do you face the same challenges that the majority of marketers and agencies across the US face? Difficulty creating content . . . have the TIME to do it . . . or finding high quality content to use . . .

It just MAKES SENSE to use information that is trusted and researched to give your readers important and helpful information . . . saving yourself time, energy and money . . . giving your readers valuable content. 

PLR-Health-Wizard gives you the tools you need to develop a business in the health and wellness niche providing high quality PLR content, support graphics and marketing tutorials. . . all in one place!

Graphics, eBooks, Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages, how to's, keyword research, illustrations and much, much more.

Concise, accurate, referenced, well-written content and approved by a nurse practitioner.

What PLR-Health-Wizard Will Do For You...

There are Many Versions of Private Label Rights Products. . .
So What's Different About PLR-Health-Wizard Content??

Glad you asked. . .

First, PLR products, by definition, are produced for you, so that you can claim full rights of ownership. That's correct, you get to claim the credit with no mention of who wrote the content.

Check the bottom of this page to see the full set of rights you will get with everything we produce.

Next, many PLR writers deliver products in several different markets.

Once you build your niche focused business around the content provided . . . you must move on to the next topic when they do . . . without support in the niche you just spent time and money to develop. . . you lose!

So for your added confidence, be aware we only produce products in the health & wellness niche and we've been doing that since 2006. . .

Our PLR products allow you to dominate.

You see, killer content is what we do. . . and we do it very, very well.

But, in addition to articles and ebooks, we give you tools for success.

Tools like:

Unless You Find Writing Exceptionally Easy . . . . 

AND you have the time and energy to search for illustrations, create header graphics and produce sales pages. . .

you should definitely . . .

Get Access to the Best Weight Loss
Health & Wellness Niche PLR Content on the Internet!


We Are The Undisputed Experts in the PLR Health and Wellness Niche Providing You Quality Content Produced by Health Professionals Who Know Their Business!

Consumers are careful about where they spend their money.

Buyers in the weight loss | health & wellness niche demand high quality information long before you can ask them to open up their wallets.

The market is energized right now as baby-boomers age and their health related issues continue to mount. You can be on the cutting edge of that market with accurate quality content and the tools you need to succeed.

Professionally written and medically accurate content is what will drive searchers back to your site, again and again.

To produce this takes HOURS of research ... sifting through medical articles and interpreting research studies written in a language that is steeped in centuries of Latin history.

Only a medical professional could write the most valuable content for this niche.

As Vidal Sassoon says, 'if you don't look good, we don't look good', and that is why content provided at PLR Health Wizard is written and approved by nurses and nurse practitioners.

We give you the confidence your customers demand for less. . .

After having worked for almost two decades as a registered nurse. . . I'll be the first to tell you that a doctor and a pill is not always the answer.

Many diseases and illnesses can improve with sound nutrition, exercise and good lifestyle choices. With your membership you'll gain immediate access to the highest quality health and fitness content published online, anywhere.

You have access to the completed work of writers, graphic designers and researchers.

Imagine what that would cost if you did this for yourself.

I built this system to eliminate your frustration in the niche. Now I spend my time helping to create the products and provide the support required to help you grow your income daily.

You're about to discover the most reliable health PLR membership on the market. . . and for just a very, very low investment, everything is yours.

Once registered, you'll gain immediate access to the members area. Everything inside the members area was developed based upon the demands of the market and requests I get from you. Members guide the addition of video coaching content - you ask for what you want!

Not Sure About PLR, How to Use it or The Return
Benefits it Will Bring to You and Your Revenue Stream?

First of all let me remind you why 8 million Americans a day are searching online for various disease and illness related solutions.

A recent Business Week article said:

This is a group of evergreen readers and buyers who are desperate to improve their health and reduce their medical costs.

So let me explain what to do with the PLR you receive from PLR-Health-Wizard.

Think of our PLR as a turn key set of content that allows you to create and support just about any business model you can think of.

Let's face it, when a visitor comes to your website for the very first time, they need to develop a level of know, like and trust about you before making any kind of buying decision.

The problem is, if you tell them anything that's not accurate or valuable before they buy, you'll turn them off and they'll never buy from you.

Every sales expert will tell you that most people don't buy the first time they meet you.

They need to know. . . that you know what you are talking about.

When you use our content on your blog, in your email newsletters, social marketing and connections, special reports or ebooks, you'll be amazed at the increased level of authority you command in this niche.

All the articles provided to you are written by medical professionals whose primary language is English.

Avoid The Content Creation Grunt Work,
With Our Health & Wellness PLR Products

Unfortunately, most content online is glorified filler.

Therefore, it is critical that the articles you purchase are top-notch or you'll be forced to do more research and completely write articles yourself.

Finding good quality PLR is the name of the game.

With these medically accurate AND REFERENCED articles your readers will devour your writing and click through your links.

You can use the keyword lists provided or add additional keywords that make sense for your business . . . or change the keywords and focus. The choice is all YOURS.

You'll receive articles that are at least 400 words, and many are over 550! You'll get keyword lists, LSI terms, illustrations, graphics and HELP.

AND each article packet is themed. Which means you'll get articles each month that dovetail nicely with articles provided in the following months.

This gives you new and exciting content for your working business. . . each and every month.

Each niche also contains a list of associated affiliate products for you to earn commissions!

The research is started for you. One of the greatest benefits to PLR is the research. Doing the grunt work is difficult, time consuming and not cost effective. YOU make money marketing your products and services - not in product creation. Leave that up to us!

Our articles are the ONLY PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS articles that are REFERENCED.

In other words, articles that quote studies or information that is not commonly known have links back to the referenced research studies!!!!

You'll Also Get . . .

Sales Pages and Squeeze Pages designed specifically for the ebook you receive each month.

You'll get access to the html code which you can drop into any WISYWIG editor or into the html tab in Wordpress to create your sales page or squeeze page.

With a few additions - like your name and links to your autoresponder or payment processor - you'll be ready to accept customers.

And . . .

Graphic headers to match each of the article packets and ebook.

You'll find access to a graphics modification program that will allow you to customize your artwork exactly how you want.

And Still More!

Creating, writing and publishing ebooks for your business is an arduous task. It takes hours of research and development. Then you have to weed through medical jargon, look up the words, and explain them so your readers understand!

BUT you get a PLR ebook each month with your membership - written by professionals - in easy to understand terms . . . even your 12 year-old nephew can grasp.

And - there are even resources to help you format the ebook to make it look and feel very unique to just your business!



Don't wait. . .
Without ACTION you'll reap the same rewards tomorrow that you have today!

Here's the Amazing Private Label Rights Value Package
that is waiting for you 24/7... with quality content every single month.

You have access to the TOTAL PACKAGE for just $27 a month.

PLR Health Wizard is packed FULL of content and value.

You benefit with reduced overhead, increased profits, optimized time and content authority and credibility.

Let's get started IMMEDIATELY!


Once you're registered, you'll be taken to a page where you will enter your email address and name. Your content is delivered DIRECTLY TO YOUR INBOX every 3-4 days! You'll also receive an email with your user name, password and the link to login to the membership website where you will find video coaching, tutorials, resources and even a laugh or two.

I look forward to seeing you inside!


P.S. The Health and Wellness market is booming. Become a member and take advantage of the most detailed and accurate PLR products the health & wellness market has to offer. . . Nurses and nurse practitioners write EVERYTHING you get.

Every PLR Product Comes With the Following License Rights:

[YES] Can be given away
[YES] Can be packaged with other products
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be used as web content or added to autoresponders
[YES] Can be broken down into smaller articles
[YES] Can be added to other membership sites
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites as finished product to end users
[NO] Can sell Resale Rights and Master Resales Rights too
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights



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