These testimonials are from any of my products and services - it is just a sampling to give you an idea of the quality of what I produce.


I will use the article you have sent, again looks good. I make small changes to the articles and I am getting more unique visitors to my site! I used to get 100 each day now going past the 700 mark. I am pretty sure it's from the blogging from your articles. I find it saves so much time, it's amazing!


Keep up the great work! Love it! 


Jayne Bryson 


Bioresonance Practitioner 




Gail kindly sent me a review copy of her new WSO as we are attending the same mastermind group.  


Gail is a person with a very organized mind and has produced an excellent tool here to help us organize ours when it comes to manually converting already high quality PLR into our own much more valuable truly unique articles. 


If we work from PLR containing accurate, researched and referenced content, Gail's product will provide us with an amazing competitive edge over our competitors. Using Gail's step-by-step guide toolkit will set us well apart from the also-rans who do not have her powerful resource. Our products will stand out from the crowd and will have our buyers coming back for more. 


This is a comprehensive evergreen reference work that we will be able to refer back to for years to come. Very professionally written and presented by a hard working woman with years of first hand experience in the field of producing unique high quality articles for use by web site owners whose livelihood depends on the quality of their content. Gail has walked the walk. She knows what has worked for her over the years and is still working. 


We will be producing the highest quality content and will come across to our readers as expert researchers. Gail shows us the right way to inject our originality into the PLR to increase the value of the content beyond measure. 


The principles provided can be applied whether we are making a video for Youtube or our own site, an ebook, a special report, a Kindle book, a podcast, a blog post, a social network post, a text article, an audio recording, a graphic image, a squeeze page or sales page, a forum guest post, webinar or even an offline speaking presentation. 


There are six pages of resources at the end for things like Image editing, Hosting, Domain Registration, Autoresponders, Copyright Free Image Sources, Designers, PLR and Flippa, Social Posting, Copywriting, Document Sharing, Blogs and Web 2.0 Properties, Outsourcing, Marketing Forums, Video editing. 


All Gail's work is of very high quality. 

I give this product my highest recommendation. 


Brian Casey  

Dublin Ireland 





Before I went through this program, I knew very little about Private Label Rights (PLR). All I did know was that some authors were being slapped by Amazon for publishing PLR as original works on the Kindle. As a result, I did not think PLR had any merit at all. But in this program, Gail Trahd showed me that I was very wrong. She explains what PLR really is and the benefits of using it properly. She gives a comprehensive blueprint for using it intelligently to help anybody build a business. 


Many different and varied applications of PLR are outlined, and a valuable resource section is included, providing necessary links for helping apply and expand upon what is learned. If that wasn't enough, two valuable bonus PDFs are also included. The first one shows how to take what you've learned in the main course to develop a product and create compelling sales copy for it. The second bonus takes it a step further by showing you how to create the all-important sales funnel.  


There is a lot of valuable information presented here. It is a perfect introduction to the subject of PLR and how and why it can be used to build a profitable business. I recommend this program highly for anybody looking for a boost in building an online business in any niche. 


Phil Hirtes
New Jersey




Hi Gail,

What a package!
This is a real deal product from someone who is the real deal. I have been fortunate enough to have Gail to turn to for help, and she's always delivered honest, upfront and sound advice. She really knows what she's talking about - highly recommended

Peter Ford


What can I say?

10 Secret Strategies for Using Private Label Rights taught me a few things, and I thought I knew a bunch about PLR! It's a comprehensive guide that lays out in an easy-to-read format exactly how to use PLR, and even how to avoid costly mistakes. I learned a couple of tricks about how to use PLR that I've not heard about anywhere else. I will definitely be using those tips for a new site I am designing. Thanks! 


Ron Moffitt 

North Carolina 





“You did a great job of breaking down what you can do with PLR and production creation.  The irony of it is that I live and breathe traffic generation with clients who have done a whole bunch of different information products, but when you sit down to do it yourself, how you do it isn’t so obvious.  What I appreciated about PLR Profit Program is that it gave me a systematic way of approaching everything and walked me through what I needed to do.  It kept me focused on the task at hand from the actual product creation to getting traffic to developing the sales page.”

Mark Silet 



Gail, I have used your content almost exclusively for the past year, and it is definitely the best on the internet. 

Thanks for providing such great, usable content!


Kelli Roig







I’ve read Gail’s work and it’s top notch content and quality to say the least.  


If you are in the Health and Wellness field, membership to PLR-Health-Wizard is a no brainer. 


Most of the work is done for you and instead of focusing on the grunt work you can focus on the results . . . where the money is! 


Justin Mitchie

Internet Marketer

Author:   Street Smart Internet Marketing - Tips, Tools, Tactics & Techniques to Market Your Product, Service, Business or Ideas Online





I tell you, having tried dozens of different writers for thousands of articles that is a tall order to fill.  


At least it was until I got ahold of Gail’s articles!

Ah, my prayers were answered!  Quality content that I can actually use without embarrassment. 


Thank you Gail, your articles are fantastic!


Dr. Noel Swanson 







As a niche marketer I’m constantly in search of highly unique and valuable content. When I came across and signed up immediately for PLR-Health-Wizard my heart skipped a beat.  


I found a great resource for content that is relevant for all my varied health niche sites. 


Gail, PLR-Health-Wizard owner, delivered the content in a truly impressive and professional manner.  Her health background, coupled with search engine optimization knowledge, will provide me with an amazing competitive edge over my competitors.  Thank you so much for providing this comprehensive membership! 


Ron Gat 




Gail is by far the best writer and product develop I’ve ever worked with. 


Her thoughts are clear and her research concise. 


If you ever have a chance to work with her or get access to her products and services you should jump on it as quickly as possible to build your business. 


Vondre Whaley 





The articles Gail provides have been a great experience for me! 


They are honest, intelligent and well-researched. The writing has been excellent. Most articles are long enough to be divided and don’t contain any fluff. 


I really appreciate the fact that Gail will respond to questions herself with straightforward answers. 


I would highly recommend her writing for anyone needing high quality writing with a personal touch! 


Annie Ryan 

St. Petersburg, FL 



Gail, Thank you! Your content is great and high quality. I use it all the time. You really go out
of your way to make a difference.

Kim de Beers